Team Nolte


In 1997 Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Ralph Nolte established his engineering office, Büro Nolte, in Detmold, at that time as a freelancer

After successfully completing his studies in engineering in March 1994 , Ralph Nolte worked in an engineering office for building construction until 1997. After that he opened his own office.

In April 1998 , Mr. Nolte became registered with The Chamber of Engineers in North Rhine Westphalia. Later he also became registered with Chamber of Engineers in Lower Saxony. Approximately 8 months later he became a state-registered expert for sound and thermal insulation.

In July 2000 , he received the unrestricted authorization to submit building documents.

In June 2007 his office was renamed Bau-Planungsbüro Nolte Ltd. Ralph Nolte has also been active in a diverse series of lectures in the area of structural engineering (specializing in thermal insulation and structural design) since 2008. Through the completion of a special training course in March 2009 , he also became a qualified planner in energy-efficiency for residential and non-residential buildings.

The office moved to Wittekindstr.40 in the summer of 2009 , the then unrenovated building where today "KZB" stands. At this point the first employees were hired. Later in August 2011, the first position as trainee was given at Bau-Planungsbüro Ltd.

In February 2012 , Ralph Nolte was incorporated into the unit of Engineer Colleagues in the Union of German Master Builders (BDB) in North Rhine Westphalia.

In October 2012 Bau-Planungsbüro Nolte was re-registered to a GmbH.

Since December 2013 , Ralph Nolte has been active as an elected member of the representative assembly in the Chamber of Engineers in North Rhine Westphalia. Mr. Nolte serves on the committees of Engineering Competitiveness, Planning and Building as well as Engineering Law.

As of November 2015 Bau-Planungsbüro Nolte GmbH included a branch office in Hanover-Laatzen, which was dissolved in June 2018 due to the completion of a major project.

Since Februar 2016 , Ralph Nolte has taken on the position as Vice Chairman in the Union of German Master Builders (BDB) in the district of Lippe, North Rhine Westphalia.

Since February 2018, Ralph Nolte serves as the Chairman on the Union of German Master Builders (BDB) in the district of Lippe, North Rhine Westphalia.

In December 2018, Ralph Nolte was registered on the “List of Nationwide Active Structural Engineers” and additionally became a member of the Chamber of Engineers in Hesse, Germany.

As of January 1, 2019, the Engineer Office Lange in Detmold will merge into Bau-Planungsbüro Nolte GmbH.

Currently the office consists of 8 employees, now with a larger presence in "Kompetenzzentrum Bau" at Wittekindstr. 40 in Detmold, Germany

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