Team Nolte


Nowadays it is becoming more and more important to develop an intelligent, well-thought out and modern thermal insulation concept for our buildings. Especially due to enormous energy costs for fossil fuels and the fact that resources are becoming scarcer.

Today, foresight and a great deal of tact are required in regards to the implementation of material/technology and the conservation of energy. Policy makers have just prescribed the new line of approach at meetings in Paris and the EnEv 2016 (German Energy Saving Regulation 2016) will have these measures implemented. The future involves the use of renewable energy in new construction.

To acquire the best heating solution for your building, it is imperative to develop concepts that have not been outdated in the last 10 to 15 years. We have taken on the responsibility of providing energy efficient thermal protection certification for residential as well as non-residential buildings. We also check thermal protection requests and issue energy certificates/passes for rent and sale objects.

On top of that we offer energy consultation services and assistance throughout the entire building phase. . For KFW-Efficiency House-40, 40-Plus houses, we can also offer construction supervision and carry out component inspections.

This includes cost estimates and also assistance in advisory activities. We offer other services in our building with training sessions and lectures in compliance with the current Energy Saving Regulations 2016.

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